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    One of the things I’ve found with my hand held rig is the inability (from an ergonomic point of view) to use any sort of follow focus mechanism. I hold the rig underneath with my left hand and by the handle with my right hand, so there’s no real ability to operate any form of follow focus. I can focus with my left hand using my thumb, but it’s not something that allows me smooth focus transitions.

    It then occurred to me that there could be a much better way to implement a follow focus mechanism than currently available and which would suit a vast number of camera users that have a rig very similar to mine and who use it in a similar way. That follow focus mechanism wold be one built into the carry handle. Take a camera handle something like this:

    Now imagine that this handle held one or two 18650 batteries for power, that there was a knurled control wheel near the smooth round part at the front of the handle and that the handle was connected by wire (not wireless) to a small focus/zoom control motor. This would be akin to those old wired remote control cars that existed many decades ago before radio controlled cars came about. A simple, no nonsense, design that places a control wheel exactly where your thumb would rest when holding the handle.

    Not possible? If you can build a battery handle like this, then it would be child’s play to make a much more simple and compact handle to control a follow focus motor:

    I’m thinking of tossing this idea to some manufacturers, so what are the thoughts of the three people that post on this forum? 🙂

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