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    Hello everyone, I have been using the BMPCC 4K for a year now and definately love working with it and the results it produces.

    Based on my shooting experience I have made a small list of minimal firmware improvements that would make a world of difference, I have no idea how to make them reach Blackmagic so I though I would try here.

    Here is the list, would be great to hear some oppinions on it.

    By order of importance:

    1 – The option to have status text outside image as not to block it (as in Red/Arri, layouts) – this would be really important as status text on top makes you misjudge the framing.

    2 – The possibility to reassign Iris and Focus buttons (for manual lenses these butttons become useless and could be used/reassigned as FN buttons are)

    3 – The new recording option 2.8K has 2x anamorphic desqueeze locked. It could be interesting to have the option of viewing desqueeze or normal (shooting native 4:3).

    4 – The ability to resssign all/more functions to FN buttons.

    5 – Option to link the Focus Zoom Button to Hdmi out (for Evf/Monitor) – using an evf / monitor, could be helpful to use the zoom button on the camera body to check focus

    Do you find this list makes sense? Are there any other features you think could be implemented?

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    I’m not quite sure what you mean by point one, but you can clear the screen of the status text by swiping up and then see it again by swiping down. The status text is somewhat dependent on what format you are shooting.

    I wouldn’t mind all the buttons being able to be reassigned for different functions.

    I’ve seen a video recently where a number of well known directors have been using a 2:1 ratio in their films and it looks quite good. Having such a ratio available would be nice. I came across it here:

    The last suggestion would be useful, but might not be possible with the HDMI hardware, much like 4K and BRAW output not being possible.

    Ted Ramasola

    The adding back of the ability to record Uncompressed CDNG. Since my understanding of the removal was a patent issue on compressed CDNG, I wonder if they can bring back even just the uncompressed option and not the compressed ones.
    This would bring back a slight improvement in resolution to the pockets. It won’t be much but its useful for preserving details when cropping or upscaling.

    I doubt that you’ll ever see CDNG come back to any Blackmagic camera. Blackmagic is building their ecosystem around BRAW to provide a turnkey solution from go to whoa. You’ll most likely still get ProRes as it’s like JPG in the stills world. I personally don’t miss CDNG one bit, especially the file sizes and effort required to work with those files. Because Blackmagic owns BRAW, they will be able to do a lot more with it down the track. I’ve seen this with stills RAW and RAW software, so I have no doubt that it’s only going to advance. Mind you, I have no issues personally with BRAW in any case.

    John Brawley

    The problem with cDNG is that it’s a poor codec in terms of performance.

    If you’re using it at resolutions above 6K even compressed, it’s very large and can’t be easily played back by normal hardware.

    You can see with the 12K why they went away from it.

    Never going to happen.


    Ted Ramasola

    If CDNG option is out, how about allowing us to reassign those 2 buttons at the back, the iris and focus to something else and perhaps also that stills button to give some use to it.
    That would be a total of 6 custom buttons.

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