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    Part 6 on Gear and Gripes

    One of the most talked about subjects in the photo/video world has to be camera bags and it’s something that often frustrates users when trying to find something suitable. Such was the case when trying to find a camera bag for each of my rigs.

    The major issue that I see with camera bags is that they all tend to be designed for DSLRs and associated lenses, always being deep and narrow to accommodate the system, notwithstanding Pelican cases. I’ve been frustrated with this even when it came to my m4/3 system, as no one made a camera bag that suited the much smaller sized camera bodies and lenses. This became even more frustrating when I started looking for bags for my two BMPCC4K rigs which I didn’t want to break down every time I wanted to put them in a bag.

    Most cinema camera users I guess are used to breaking down their rigs for transport, which is probably most important when taking them on airlines etc. The latter is no longer an issue for me, as my flying days are well and truly over; however, I do a lot of bush travelling where my gear gets tossed around and generally roughly handled for days on end. So I needed carry solutions that would reasonably protect my rigs, but the rigs also had to be quickly accessible and not have to be put together every time that I needed to use them; they may come out of the vehicle dozens of times a day.

    So I really needed something that didn’t conform to the usual camera bag design followed by every manufacturer that I’ve come across. I also didn’t need or want a bag that had all manner of external pouches, slots to hold laptops, water bottles and what not, just something simple and practical. Unfortunately, finding such a ‘minimal’ bag was one of the most difficult tasks ever. However, after a lot of searching and looking into unrelated gear, I came across two bags that were perfect for my needs.

    One was listed as a camera bag, but could have been used for anything because of its simple design and my smaller rig fits perfectly inside and provides additional room for a few accessories. The other bag is designed for lighting gear, but was the ideal size for my larger rig. Both bags have minimal, but sufficient, padding and have protected the rigs in the rough and tumble of off-roading. Availability of course is country dependent, so I can’t suggest where you might get these outside of Australia, but it gives some idea of what to look for if interested. As for my YouTube videos, I have a good face for radio.

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