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    Dank Pears

    I’m a few years late to the gimbal thing, but might be in need of one. I shoot with an UMP and a Pocket 4K. I don’t use a cage, but I know a lot of people have had issues balancing, or even fitting, the new pockets on a gimbal with its width.

    Do I need a cage, or can newer gimbals accommodate?

    I’m particularly looking at the Zhiyun Crane 2s or the Ronin S.


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    A BMPCC4K is easy to balance on a gimbal, cage or no cage (depending on gimbal). I was able to balance mine on an old FeiyuTech A2000 gimbal without cage and a medium sized zoom. It wasn’t the ideal gimbal for this, but was doable. The BMPCC4K is now rigged up (4.3kg) and needs a better gimbal, so I’ve ordered a FeiyuTech AK4500, which is capable of holding up to 4.6kg (but will most likely go up to 5kg given how I can exceed the weight limits of my other FeiyuTech gimbals).

    I watched a lot of videos on the new Crane 2s and decided not to go that route for a few reasons. Firstly, Zhiyun does not advertise the weight capacity of the gimbal and no one could tell me what it is. Secondly, no one was placing a heavy rig on the gimbal, often just saying that the rig was ‘pretty heavy’, which is not a recognised unit of measurement. No could tell me what their rig weighed. Thirdly, given the debacle with the Crane 3s, which is rated at 6.5kg but only when the extra battery pack is installed, otherwise it’s just 3kg, I lost all confidence in Zhiyun.

    In any case, a cage is not required if that’s not your thing. Depending on what lenses you want to use, pretty much any of the later gimbals will work fine. Just weigh your camera and then look for gimbals that will have at least that capacity. Personally, I’d go for the stick type gimbal rather than the latest fad, which is the ones with just an arm and no body, eg the likes of the Crane 3s.

    I thought I’d do a follow-up as I received my FeiyuTech AK4500 yesterday and it went back to Amazon today. First off, the hyperlink controller was clearly defective as it would not charge even after a very long period and that was my main reason. I was able to balance my rig, which weighed 3.1kg after removing the monitor, handle and microphone setup and using just an NP-F550 battery in the adapter. I did have to add some extra weight to the back of the camera so that the pitch motor could be properly balanced.

    That said, almost every time that I turned the gimbal on, whether I’d removed the camera in-between or not, the gimbal would start vibrating and at other times going completely stupid, waving the camera all over the place. Adjusting the motor strength made no difference. This all started to happen after I applied the latest firmware updates and even repeated re-installs (as suggested) made no difference.

    The BMPCC4K is a difficult camera to balance on a gimbal, but clearly there was something amiss, as I was able to balance the camera (albeit in a much lighter configuration) on a much weaker gimbal. I’m now torn as to what to do. I came across a video where the Crane 2s was loaded up with a BMPCC4K, including monitor on top, and it seemed to handle the top heavy combination quite well.

    Once again, I’d really love a gimbal that has only pitch and roll control, making the gimbal much simpler and easier to mount heavy/awkward cameras. I may just have to wait and see if Blackmagic is ever going to update their micro range of cameras using the mount and sensor that’s in the BMPCC4K.

    Dank Pears

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks so much for the thorough reply. Good to know your experience.

    I’ll look more in to the options. The Ronin S seems a decent price and at least has the easy offset plate.

    I typically use the BMPCC4K with Lumix pancake 20mm as an interview b-cam but I’d like to integrate it more into production.

    I’ll keep this thread posted as to my decision if I get one.


    I always like to follow up, rather than leaving things hanging. If your combination is a bare-bones BMPCC4K with a lightweight lens, then just about any gimbal should work fine.

    As I noted, I was able to balance a bare-bones BMPCC4K with an Olympus 12-60mm zoom on a FeiyuTech A2000 which has a weight capacity of 2.5kg. It’s not a gimbal that I’d recommend now, given it’s age and lack of features, but it is a very lightweight gimbal. Once Amazon refunds me (hopefully no issues), I’ll have to reconsider the gimbal options.

    I don’t want to buy a DJI or Moza gimbal as they all use propriety battery solutions, I want a gimbal that uses 18650 batteries that are available anywhere and can be changed over at any time if the gimbal runs out of juice. The Crane 2s is looking like the leading contender, despite my earlier concerns. This is the video that I came across and is the only one I’ve seen that has more than just a small camera and lens on the gimbal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzvTTig7X9Y.

    Dank Pears

    I saw that video and it did look good.

    Thanks for your help, I’m glad there shouldn’t be too much issue in getting things setup. My gimbal experience is super limited, I used a Ronin back in the day but couldn’t balance it for shit.

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