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    That’s camera and sensor size combined. I’ve been reading with interest about the over-heating issues with the Canon R5/R6 and now the Sony A7sIII. Both of these cameras now tout small bodies with large sensors passive cooling systems. I well remember how many lambasted the BMPCC4K body shape and size, trying to compare it to hybrid cameras, yet it’s turned out to be a very effective design. This leads me to wonder whether there’s an inherent issue with small bodied, large sensor, passively cooled cameras that are capable of producing high quality video.

    As an example, a month after receiving my first BMPCC4K in 2018, I went on a pre-Christmas camping trip where the temperatures in the shade exceeded 43C. I discovered a Cicada about to emerge and so set up my camera to catch a moment that has always intrigued me, but the extreme heat had me worried somewhat. Anyway, the camera was exposed to the full sun while I covered myself as best I could from the heat. The camera ran for over 30min and didn’t miss a beat. It’s not the first, nor will it be the last, time when I’m using the camera in extreme Australian heat.

    The Cicada video might not be a major achievement, but I was pretty happy with the end result:

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    Rich H

    The Cicada video might not be a major achievement, but I was pretty happy with the end result:

    That was an awesome clip. How long did you have to wait to get that?

    Thanks. A whole bunch of Cicadas had emerged around our campsite (coming out of the ground) during the night and early morning, leaving empty shells everywhere. I spotted this late mover and guessed that it was very close to coming out of its body, so I just set up the camera and waited. Luckily I didn’t have to wait more than about five minutes when it stopped moving and went very still, which was my warning that things were about to happen. After that it was just let the camera roll.

    John Brawley

    Next time someone complains about battery life on a pocket camera, then you only have to mention overheating on Canon / Sony.

    BMD use an active cooling system. A solid state refrigeration on the sensor. (Google peltier effect)

    This system requires power. The hotter the camera gets, the more power it uses.

    THAT’S WHY BATTERY LIFE ON A BMD CAMERA SUCKS. Because it’s oolong the camera with electricity.

    This is the flip side to the hysteria over the recent Canon and Nikon launches. They use passive cooling, or use fans (Panasonic) and do not have solid state cooling.

    The only camera companies that uses solid state cooling like this that I know of are Arri and BMD.


    Rich H

    I really thought camera companies would be past overheating by now. I’ll take shitty battery life over my camera overheating. This brings me back to the days of the Nikon D90

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    Sansetsu Guyse

    Great little clip, mesmerizing to watch
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, much appreciated.

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