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    Part 4 on Gear and Gripes

    One of the common, if not amusing, things that that festoons YouTube videos (to get views) are the ‘ultimate BMPCC4K/6K rig’ titles, and when I go to look, I often see what to me look like the most awkward contraptions imaginable; however, if they work for the user, all well and good. That said, the issue that hits me more than anything else with these ‘ultimate rigs’ is cable management, or lack thereof. I estimate that almost 95% of these ‘ultimate’ rigs have cables dangling all over the place like an accident waiting for a place to happen.

    From my own perspective, I think I spend as much effort on cable management as I do on any other part of my rig construction. This perhaps comes from a long history in unrelated work that I won’t go into here. With a little effort, you can implement proper cable management that makes the rig safer and much better to use. For example, there are seven cables going in/out on my larger rig and four on the smaller one, all neatly out of the way. For me, this is imperative given how I often transport and use these cameras, especially in my off-roading and outdoor activities.

    BMPCC4K Rig

    BMPCC4K Rig

    I’m not sure how others here rig their gear or even feel about this ordinary topic, but give it some thought.

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