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    Ted Ramasola

    With “for income” in quotes as opposed to “professionally” as the latter might be construed as too technical and brings to mind images of “hollywood” style productions. I just want this thread for Pocket users to simply share how they are using their pocket to generate income. Encompassing from but not limited to, film and narratives, advertising production to those using it for corporate, events, stock footage etc. Whatever, as long as it generates income for you. And share your rig pic at work if you like.

    Let me start. 🙂

    I use my pocket 4K for corporate work, real estate promotion, music videos, independent film making. The last one kind of bogged down due to the pandemic.

    Shooting a real estate Video

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    Rich H

    I work for a University and we exclusively use the Pocket 4k in the field. The 6ks in the studio. I couldn’t be happier with them. For my personal use I use it for just about everything: real estate, mini docs, narrative shorts.


    I use my Pocket 4k (with a BMCC 2.5K as B cam when needed for interviews) for my corporate and charity promo work. For example, I was commissioned by Arrow Video to shoot an interview with the actress Lauren Ashley Carter for the new release of Lucky McKee’s The Woman on blu ray in the UK and US. For live music event coverage the low light capability of the P4K is ideal. I also work with a local experimental musician, projecting a live feed of her performance on screen in the venues where she performs. More recently, due to lockdown, I have been working on livestreaming tutorials for craft teachers and the P4K is great for that too.

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