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    When I set my BMPCC4K to 60fps via the HFR button, the VA will remain at 24fps; however, if I set the BMPCC4K to 60fps manually via the on-screen slider, then the VA will record at 60fps.

    If Blackmagic is watching, can they advise why this might be the case? It’s a bit of a pain having to manually adjust the camera to get the higher frame rate recording on the VA, rather than just pressing the HFR button on the camera.

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    John Brawley

    This is best asked on the official forum.


    That means you have to join. Been there, done that and left. Not interested in returning.

    Kristian Lam

    The HFR button sets the camera up to be in offspeed mode. As such, 60 fps is really 60/24 fps so the HDMI output gets converted to 24 fps.

    The other way to quickly change this is to load a preset that sets the camera up for 60 fps with off-speed turned off.

    I tried the preset option, but it’s as slow as a wet week applying it. It’s faster to simply manually touch the fps symbol and change the setting. There doesn’t appear to be a way to assign preset this to a button. It’s a shame that the HFR button can’t be assigned simply to change the frame rate to whatever is the assigned high frame rate.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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