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    Part 5 on Gear and Gripes

    Finding genuine product information is always a bit of hit or miss affair, more so when it comes to YouTube and some websites. The sad thing is that YouTube has become a cut throat business model that leads some channels to be perhaps less than forthright with reviews, preferring to leave out bad bits (or watering them down) so as not to upset manufacturers and thus lose ongoing support. Some might consider it lying by omission.

    I’m almost at the stage now that I tend to shy away from products that are highly recommended, especially by ‘celebrity’ YouTubers, as several times I’ve been very disappointed with the recommended gear that I’ve bought. One example is the Tilta Mini Matte box I spoke of earlier (no mention about the vignetting with wide lenses by anyone); another is the Atomos Shinobi monitor (no mention about the glacial startup/shutdown times) and another is a simple product like a Kondor Blue mini-XLR cable (it’s a ridiculously tight fit and all the connections were loose on arrival and tend to loosen in use).

    Gear that’s turned out to be the complete opposite of the ‘not so good/average’ reviews that some have made are the Zoom F6 field recorder (everyone just recommends the MixPre 3 II despite a number of issues), Rode Wireless GO transmitters (supposedly no range whatsoever) and, most recently, the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR 5” monitor (supposedly horrid colours and poor menu). There may be others, but you get my drift.

    On a brighter note, in case anyone is interested, one product that I’ve found to be quite good is a device called an Avantree Lock, low latency Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that I use with a set of headphones in the field, to give myself wireless capability when connected to my Zoom F6 (or any device that has an audio output). It’s a simple, but effective device and means I don’t have to have a headphone cable dangling about.

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